Our curated projects feature a community of authors who choose to write with courageous hope, insightful truth, and a redemptive view of the world.


Epic of Haven Trilogy

R.G. Triplett

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When the great burning tree of Haven begins to die, leaving the otherwise unlit world of Aiénor in a state of ever-growing darkness, a young man sets upon a quest to discover a new source of light before the unknown evils lurking in the shadows unleash their fury upon the unsuspecting world.

Fear strikes the citizens of Haven at the diminishing of their holy tree, and they determine that the only way to fend off the impending dark is to set about making their own light. There are plenty of trees in the forests of Aiénor to burn. But what happens when the timber has been consumed and the great tree has failed? Could it be that one will emerge who will uncover the prophecies of old and seek the promised light?

Book Three, The Coming Dawn, releases Spring 2020!


Skip Ross

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THRIVE is a 7 week study, distilled from the philosophies and ideas of the Dynamic Living seminar by Skip Ross. This series is an approachable and modern way for anybody to learn and teach dynamic living – whether it be to a small group, a business team, a youth group, or a large audience. Key topics in the series include finding joy, handling fear, setting goals, maintaining balance, and developing a health self-image.

Now I See

Zach Elliott and Rebecca Sandberg

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What is life to the full?

Our souls long for a life that is full and flourishing, but so often it feels beyond our reach. Blinded by false rewards and temporary relief, we look to sources that promise happiness and wholeness. We attempt to fill our lives with more, increasing our pace and capacity, but accumulation doesn’t ever seem to satisfy. We see the circumstantial evidence that others might have found this sort of life, but we cannot seem to experience it for ourselves.

We get it, but we don’t have it.

This book is an invitation to life to the full. Through story and metaphor, ancient wisdom and modern understanding, we are invited on a journey to understand that flourishing is not about circumstance, but about relationship. Life to the full begins when we see the person of Jesus Christ. When we see this relationship in an entirely new light, we discover a fullness deeper than we imagined.

Daily Disciplines

Skip Ross, Mike Cooke, and Melody Farrell

Daily Disciplines is a simple way to commit to a habit pattern of personal growth. A few minutes a day will make a world of difference in the way that you approach projects, business, relationships, parenting, studying, and life.

Look to the Sky

Brett Culp


Superman is a timeless symbol of hope, and superhero stories inspire fans of all ages. But, what is HOPE? And how do we bring more of it into our lives?

In his documentary film Look to the Sky, Brett Culp explores the uplifting, true stories of young people who have demonstrated the spirit of Superman. But there is more to the story. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking journey with these real-life heroes, discover the power and depth of their stories, and uncover a renewed sense of hope and possibility for yourself and the world around you.

Put on your cape, and be inspired!