What is life to the full?

Our souls long for a life that is full and flourishing, but so often it feels beyond our reach. Blinded by false rewards and temporary relief, we look to sources that promise happiness and wholeness. We attempt to fill our lives with more, increasing our pace and capacity, but accumulation doesn’t ever seem to satisfy. We see the circumstantial evidence that others might have found this sort of life, but we cannot seem to experience it for ourselves.

We get it, but we don’t have it.

This book is an invitation to life to the full. Through story and metaphor, ancient wisdom and modern understanding, we are invited on a journey to understand that flourishing is not about circumstance, but about relationship. Life to the full begins when we see the person of Jesus Christ. When we see this relationship in an entirely new light, we discover a fullness deeper than we imagined.

Vision Up. Vision In. Vision Out.

Come and see.

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This is more than a book. This is a work of sweeping beauty, gracious honesty, and enthusiastic invitation. Through allegory and true-to-life stories, Zach invites us to see, really see, and journey into the full and flourishing life we were created for. Zach’s vision of the gospel is hauntingly compelling, fresh, and desperately needed, whether you are a seasoned Christ-follower or just lifting your eyes to Jesus for the first time.
— Benjamin NeSmith, Pastor, Element Church Tampa
If you feel like your life is together, this book is probably not for you. But if, when you lay your head on your pillow at night, you feel like you’re failing or falling, there is powerful comfort in Now I See. With story and rich metaphor, Now I See, takes you by the hand and leads you away from darkness and to the light of an unflinching focus on Christ. Now I See is a Clarion call to more life. It is a reassuring voice guiding you from loneliness and chaos to hope and flourishing. You will find the voice of a kind friend on every page and the next stop on your journey in the love of God.
— Tabitha Kapic, Strategy & Organizational Development Consultant
Now I See contains some of the most important ideas of our time. Masterfully crafted phrases and profound philosophy fill the pages, fill your eyes, fill your heart, fill your soul. With each passing chapter I found myself able to unpack my large amount of personal religious baggage. Years of struggle and confusion have been replaced with a new found perspective that is organically and authentically rooted in compassion, hope, peace, and love. This book offers a way forward, a way to accept what is happening now and move gracefully into the future. If your soul is weary, these words will uplift you. If your soul is energized, these words will inspire you to yet higher places. Now I See is one of those rare books that aligns with body, mind, and spirit. As soon as I finished it, I went straight back to Chapter 1 and re-read the book with new eyes.
— Kathleen McLeroy, Proprietor, Ayres Vineyard
In this book, Zach has taken us on a spiritual journey of mythic proportions and practical scope. For anyone struggling or feeling alone, this book will provide inspiration, light, and hope.
— Brett Culp, Filmmaker
For anyone who has walked through, or even observed at a distance, the halls of organized religion and found yourself thinking that something was amiss, Elliott beautifully illuminates a different and profoundly simple path that promises a fulfillment rooted in the relationship our hearts and souls were created to enjoy. I haven’t stopped thinking about the life-changing message of this book since I turned the final page.
— Jack Castlewhite, Writer and Attorney
The world doesn’t need another Christian book telling us what we are doing wrong and how we can do it right. The world needs poets and dreamers and thinkers who, emboldened by the passion of their inspiration, lead us to question and notice and ultimately see a whole new world right in the midst of this one. The heart behind “Now I See” is nothing new, in fact its source is ancient, but the voice that Zach has brought these ancient words to life with pleads for our hearts right here and right now. The conversations that will arise out of these pages will be deep and important; not with day-in and day-out religious doings, but with genuinely intoxicating spirituality. I am excited for the reader to journey alongside Zach and all of those who have poured into this incredible book.
— R.G. Triplett, Author, The Great Darkening